Aviation Photography


This "Locations" section highlights some favoured spots that Visual Approach Images considers particularly conducive to quality airplane photography. The reasons why certain locations are featured here are varied, but typically take into account the average weather and the local geography as two significant factors. The amount and variation of the airplanes to be seen at these places tends to be a somewhat secondary consideration. Photography is very much an individual pursuit and different people will always look to different ways to satisfy their photographic goals. This section showcases locations where the odds are high with regards to obtaining  good quality images in terms of weather,  lighting and backdrop, rather than any emphasis on the particular airplane subject being photographed. Of course the ideal blend is quality of light, scenery and subject matter all in one place at the same time. For this to happen depends on a combination of patience and fortune but at the locations featured here, the odds tend to be in your favour based on my own experience. This list is by no means exhaustive and limited to locations I have travelled to personally. It will be added to as time and further experience permits.

Corfu - Kerkyra (LGKR) - Greek Aegean Islands

One of the most picturesque and relaxed places for airplane photography I have ever been. Kerkyra has changed little since the early 1970s when the inclusive tour market began to boom and warm sunny destinations were in high demand. The small inadequate terminal remains pretty much as it was in 1972 and the parking stands are limited to 10 airliners at a time. The area is only partially covered by radar due to terrain, and the old procedural approach and departure patterns remain in use - the only addition recently has been the certification of RNAV approaches and an improved PAPI system. Arrivals using the RNAV approach to 35 and then circling visually for 17 are great to watch, and I'm sure the crews enjoy this change from the regular 12 mile ILS to an auto land back at base.

However, with a camera standing by and sitting in the warm Aegean sunshine with cold beer on the deck of the Royal Cafe, whose elevated position overlooks the runway 35 piano keys only yards away, there are not many better places to be to relax and grab some great airliner shots at the same time.

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