Aviation Photography

Andravida AFB Greece - INIOCHOS 2018

Visual Approach Images attended the media day for exercise IHIOCHOS 2018 at Andravida air base in Greece. The 2 week multi-nation exercise involved airborne elements from Greece, the United Kingdom, the USA, Israel, the United Arab Emirates and Italy. View the gallery from Andravida by clicking on the images below.

The Hellenic Air Force are amongst the last few remaining operators of the McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom, and 338 Squadrons F-4Es were amongst the Greek participants for the exercise which also included Hellenic Air Force Dassault Mirage M2000s and GD F-16 C and D models. Other nations involved were represented by the Royal Air Force with 3 Squadron BAe Typhoons from RAF Conningisby, the USAF with 492 Fighter Squadron MDC F-15 Eagles based at RAF Lakenheath, the Aeronautica Militare with BAe Tornados from 6 Stormo at Ghedi AB, the UAE Air Force with Dassault Mirage M2000s based at Al Dhafra AB, and the Israeli Air Force with GD F-16Cs from 117 Squadron based at Ramat David AB .