Aviation Photography


I have found the following websites to be excellent sources of reference material, information and general entertainment with regards to both photography and airplanes.

This site is an essential reference to any photographer, maintained by US Pro lensman Ken Rockwell. There are almost limitless amounts of information, reviews, advice and topical comment. Anything about Canon and Nikon systems that is not on this site is surely not worth knowing. How this guy has time to constantly update this site with such comprehensive  detail and excellent presentation I have no idea. Indespensible.

An excellent pilots blog by GIV pilot Ronn Rapp. Ronn is a charter pilot based out of California, but is a multi disciplined pilot and instructor with a passion for flying, and a excellent writer on many aspects of the world of aviation across the globe. Takes some great pictures too.

Speaking as someone with a love of flying and a long career in the aviation industry this is probably one of the best websites I have ever come across. Authored by G450 captain and ex USAF pilot James Albright, it contains a huge number of articles, case studies, flight lessons and other material covering many diverse aspects of aviation. The core theme in all the material is flight safety but there are many things to take away which can be applied in many other industries and even in everyday life. The site should be a "must read" to anyone involved in the aviation industry - particularly in flight operations. Aspiring pilots especially could benefit enormously from the experience and wisdom which this site is built on. Superb stuff.